Retreats serve as platforms of empowerment for men, women and youth on different aspects of life. They are fun networking getaways for the young and old, single, married, divorced or widows - without any discrimination. They also provide an opportunity for private counselling and prayer sessions, while providing the needed spiritual revitalisation.

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Preaching & Teaching


Preaching and Teaching as believers in Christ Jesus, we have been called to make disciples. Therefore through preaching and teachings, we deliver the truth about the Word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit of God. Discipleship and exhortation are part of this ministry.


Musa Mohau organises and facilitates training workshops enabling youth to make more informed career choices and develop their own skills. Other activities offered in the workshops include corporate renewals and personnel empowerment. Companies are encouraged to arrange workshops or retreats for their employees, as these help contribute towards motivated individuals and adds a positive organisational environment. Individuals are also encouraged to attend annual workshops.

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Marriage seminars