Musa Mohau (MM) was established and registered in October 2014 as a Non-Profit Company (NPC). MM values people and communities.It aims at bringing back the dignity of living and offfers necessary provisions in families, organisations and communities. MM organises community engagement activities that benefit the public it also supports initiatives aimed at equiping and building families and communities. People are empowered through the organisation and help is provided to members of the community where needeed. MM relies on charitable support of donations to conduct community projects. Please consider supporting us. You can offer monthly contributions fromm R100 or once off payments and any other goods or accesories, your services will be much appreciated if you want to volunteer. Thank you


Banking Details

Bank Name: Nedbank 

Name: Musa Mohau NPC

Cheque Account Number: 1101271779

Branch Name: Hatfield

Branch Code: 160254

Reference: Offreing- (Your name and phone number)